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Your step into the School of Basic Studies of our Unique University of Port Harcourt is a step in the right direction, that shall not be regretted at all.

About School of Basic Studies UniPort

The Basic Studies programme was established in 1978. It was purely remedial, and took care of two categories of UTME candidates. a) Students who had the required entry credits, but low UTME marks.

The primary aim of the School of Basic Studies is to prepare as many of these young school leavers, who fall into this category, as possible, particularly those from the ELDS states and the “catchment” states of the university, for university matriculation. 

The University of Port Harcourt  has built an ultra-modern School of Basic Studies Complex with a library, a computer laboratory, an Auditorium of 1000-seating capacity, two 200-seat lecture hall, a Recreational Lounge, and Restaurants. The complex is sure to providing adequate space requirements at the moment.

The programme consists of two semesters of intensive teaching; with a minimum of one week for revision, and examinations that usually run over a 5-day period. 

At the end of the session, the Director of the School of Basic Studies compiles the results of the two semesters for all the students and submits to the School of Basic Studies Academic

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