Examination Instructions to Students


Regulations governing Examination in the School of Basic Studies are as follows:

i) Examinations for Basic Studies students are held twice a session
ii)  There are no re-sit examinations after each semester examination


i) The current University calendar makes no provision for Re-sit or supplementary examinations. Every student is therefore strongly advised to take Basic Studies examinations seriously.

ii) Students are obliged to write examinations in all taught subjects. Any student who fails to write an examination in any subject scores zero no matter the circumstances.

iii) Students should Come along to the examination hall with their identification cards. No student will be admitted into the examination hall without the School’s Identify Card.

iii) Students are expected to report at the examination hall at least one hour before the commencement of the examination. Any student who arrives more than 15 minutes after the commencement of the examination may not be admitted into the examination hall.

iv) The only authorized materials students are to bring to the examination hall are: writing items such as ruler, pen, pencil, eraser and mathematical instruments approved by the invigilator. The invigilator shall seize any unauthorized material seen in the examination hall and this constitutes an offence.

v) No student shall keep any handbag, briefcase, textbooks or paper near him or her during the examination.

vi) Communication between candidates shall stop as soon as the invigilators commence with the distribution of the question papers until the end of the examination.

vii) No students shall directly or indirectly give or accept any assistance during the examination, including lending/borrowing of any material.

viii) Every student must write his/her name, registration number including paper option indicated on the question paper and sign the register of attendance on submission of answer scripts. The students shall also indicate his/her question paper option on the register of attendance.

ix) Students shall ensure that necessary instructions stipulated in the question papers and answer sheets are complied with.

x) No student should continue writing at the end of the allotted time. The invigilator is authorized to penalize any student who contravenes this instruction on the spot.

xi) The examiner will penalize any student found guilty of examination malpractice. Examination malpractice ends in a withdrawal from the programme. Be warned.

xii) A student who disrupts an examination at any venue will have his/her examinations cancelled. Cancellation means incomplete results, and this literally spells withdrawal from the programme

xiii) Mobile phones are not allowed in the examination hall

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